Joseph Pllo

Joseph Pllo is a multifaceted artist, especially developed in the plastic arts, in recent years focused on digital art, he presents a part of his works at, Rectangle Dance collection is made up of almost 200 works made from 15 seeds made by a multitude of rectangular pieces without contact between them, highlighting in the collection the panoramic perspectives and the primary colors. Part of these works can be purchased on the platform and part of the rectangle dance 2 collection on the mintable platform.

 Most of the Square Line collection is for sale on the platform.

The abstract collection is very diverse and it is where Joseph captures all his enthusiasm and creativity.

All the works exhibited on this website are unique and signed by the artist.

If you are interested in any of them, please contact us.

Some works of Joseph Pllo

Wall of solitude by Joseph Pllo – rectangle dance collection

Hills by Joseph Pllo – rectangle dance collection
Abigail Joseph Pllo
Manitú by Joseph Pllo
Obstacle course Joseph Pllo
Annular trunk Joseph Pllo
Diana Joseph Pllo

Uncertain route
surprised deer by Joseph Pllo
night city
eiffel by Joseph Pllo

Official website of the artist Joseph Pllo, all the works on display are original works by the artist and are available for sale. If you are interested, please contact us by email. The works can be printed in different formats and sizes, some works can be purchased as NFTs, if you purchase as nft and are interested in having it in physical format, please contact us.